image of flat roof silo

Flat Roof Silo

Aagaard manufactures modular silos specially designed for the storage of wood chips and dust. They are available with a flat or pitched roof for the mounting of an Aagaard silo filter or cyclone respectively.

Aagaard offers conical hoppers for its silos with worm screw out-feeders. Aagaard silos are equipped with explosion relief panels.


image of pointed roof silo

Pointed Roof Silo

We deliver turn-key solutions for either briquetting & boiler systems or for pick-up. We have solutions and an approved silo program to fulfill your demands within handling wood.

Modular silos in sizes from ø3.8m up to 119m³, ø5.5m up to 300m³ ø6.5m up to 500m³ with pitched or flat roof and with or without Aagaard conical out feeder.


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