Sanding Table

image of sanding table

Sanding Table

The Aagaard sanding table is a height adjustable table enabling meeting the legal requirements of being able to change working position and adapt the individual working place to the individual user.

The sanding table can be installed anywhere and does not require connection to an extraction system as the table is fitted with an internal fan with explosion-proof motor.

The outfeeding of the sanding dust takes place through a wooden grill at the top and the dust is filtered through internal, easily replaceable special filters. The air is filtered and re-cycled to the factory through a grill at the back. The dust is collected in pans for easy removal and emptying.


  • Ergonomic height adjustable table
  • Low-noise working place adapted to environment
  • Dustless working room
  • Cheap and easy to operate and to maintain
  • No air or heat loss
3d model of sanding table

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